The Hospitality Ministry is designed to make sure every person members and guests who enter the church are greeted with a heartfelt welcome, a friendly smile and a Holy hug. We want to ensure that everyone feels welcome in God’s house of worship. Our greeters and ushers are a crucial part of the ministry and help tend to the congregation and its needs during service. We believe true hospitality is a part of God’s ministry and follow the word as found in Romans 12:13 “Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality”.

Suggestion: We could implement a special hospitality team for prospective and new members, which will integrate them into the fellowship of the church. This may ‘overlap’ to some extent with other ministries in our congregation. It could include constant contact of 1x a week in the beginning, ensuring enrollment and completion of the new member’s class, special fellowship meet & greet (can be done virtually or in person) once or twice a year, and the assignment of a special ‘hospitality host’ for the first 30 days.