About Us



Whosoever Will Ministries, Inc. is a dynamic and flourishing church that focuses on loving people and reaching the lost at any cost.  We endeavor to help others grow, learn, and become all that God has called them to be.  Likewise, we seek to provide spiritual and natural support for all those who come into our doors, while providing an outreach structure to help feed, clothe and uplift those outside of our four walls.


Where it all began…

The Whosoever Will Baptist Church was founded on May 28, 1938 by the late Reverend Nannie Betty Jackson, with approximately 7 members. Through her efforts, in 1969 the church was relocated to 1651 Popham Avenue, Bronx, NY. Throughout the years, God called Pastors who served faithfully and who contributed to the growth and legacy of Whosoever Will.  Reverend Leroy Benton served from 1969-1980. Reverend Dr. Fred Burrell served from 1981-1986. Reverend Dr. Eleanor T. Lowe served from 1986-1990. Reverend Richard Hannah served from 1991-1994. Reverend Vernon Blanchard served from 1995—2004.


As God would have it, in 2005 Reverend Kevin Quarles was called to the pastorate of the Whosever Will Baptist Church. Pastor Quarles desired that the church become more discipleship oriented, than membership oriented. Under his pastorate the church’s discipleship has grown over eighty percent and has continued to move to a greater level.  In February 2013, Pastor Quarles answered this call and command once again, and a satellite church, Whosoever Will Ministries, Inc. was born. The church moved from its smaller (almost 100 seat) Bronx location, to a larger church in Manhattan. God has truly enlarged our territory, strengthened the vision and added more than 150 members to our family. 


WE THANK GOD for the legacy of our church as we continue to exemplify our church theme: "Where Ordinary People Serve an Extraordinary God!"